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The introduction of the Villager Sewage Department of Khorasan Razavi Definitely one of the main problems of human life is the provision of drinkable water and its hygiene in the society. In this respect the necessity of providing this issue in rural societies is completely observable being important from the different social, economical and political viewpoints. For this reason in order to reach the purposes below, the Rural Sewage Department of Khorasan Razavi was established in 1377 whose main activities are:1-Provision of drinkable hygienic water based on the defined standards2-The maintenance and utilization of the rural drinkable water networks 3-Maintaining, keeping, development and renewing the watering networks 4-The improvement of the level of science, skill, the ability of the staff and increasing the incentive and attracting their participation 5-Making the equipments of providing drinkable water and hygienic wastage of rural sewage 6-Providing the necessary equipments and using the power of the contractors and professional advisors 7-Mobile watering to the villages without drinkable water 8-Using the technologies, systems and techniques of modern management and making attempt in the direction of optimizing the final water’s price 9-Making attempt in order to continuous improvement of quality and making a proper planning in order to reach the goals At present this department is active in rapid and proper servicing to the villagers by building performing equipments as the rural water-sewage affairs in 25 points of the province. Among other capabilities of the department, we can mention the issues below: The existence of a professional studying group in order to use capable advisors The existence of chemical/microbial laboratories in the center of the province and the cities and various laboratory equipments in order to proper/on-time control of the microbial/chemical status of the rural drinkable water, using experienced/capable contractors in performance and the existence of professional human force, performing computerized system in the whole parts of performing segments The attraction power of national/province credits and performing integrated watering projects The Sewage Department of Khorasan Razavi have practically various managements and offices based on its departmental chart which will be briefly described about the responsibilities and duties of the different units of the department. Support directory and human resources: the main responsibilities of this directory are preparation of short-time, middle-time and long-term programs related to departmental performances of the company, following the affairs of the human force working in the department from the standpoint of organizing welfare affairs, retardation, attraction and employment of the province planning and finally performing the necessary issues in order to prepare the flow/civil credits from other resources and organizations, collecting, analyzing and offering the necessary reports from the information/statistics of the way of the activities performed by the directory’s offices which are described briefly below: A: the support office and official services: in this office, the necessary affairs of the welfare status of the staff, treatment and insurance, official services and also the necessary planning for buying and providing the consumed things and repairing and maintaining the machines are done. B: Financial office: this office is active in the accounting of civil plans and the accounting of the current credits whose main duties are making proper financial systems in the company level, performing the rules and the systems in the company level, on-time recording and maintaining and accounts of the company, offering the financial reports, cooperating with accouters and the company’s investigator in order to study the documents, controlling the documents related to the civil and departmental plans C: human resources office: the main duties of this department are: Performing the policies of providing human force, performing the whole necessary steps/customs for employing the accepted people of the company, performing the affairs related to providing the required affairs of providing the human force of the department via the existing staff using the displacement/ changing job programs, performing the departmental investigations in relation to departmental duties according to future suitable needs, continuous studying the reports and duties of the units and recommending the performance of doing the corrections, providing the rules of human force and offering it to the related powers, performing the whole affairs of need examination, performing educational courses of the staff, making and synchronizing the informational system of human resources, financial, technical, etc, examination of the rules, from the departmental viewpoint, performing the descriptive equipments and therefore the defined departmental duties to the employed human force based on the rules. Design and development directory: in this directory all of the activities of performing watering networks and sewage projects are done on the non-including level. After complete performance, the project is transferred to the supervision directory fir utilization. The main activities of the sub-directorys are: Study, water-finding, performance, supervision and contracting with the contractors and advisors The supervision directory: after performing the watering networks by the design and development directory, the projects are transferred to the supervision directory being controlled. In addition, the watering cooperation in all of the cities are transferred to the private sector. Legal and complaints directory: in general, all of the activities whose performance in the department is legal are done in this directory after which the activities are legally done based on the existed rules and the necessary acts are carried out for their trouble-shooting. General affairs directory: this directory acts as a bridge between the director and within-outside the department which is important as one of the connecting canals of people and the participants with the company. It reports news and media to the participants and the villagers and therefore has the responsibility of carrying out all of the ceremonies of the department. Security directory: the main duties of this directory are: Follow-up and making a proper system for securing and marinating special regions such as official buildings, warfare, equipments, supervision of the behavior of the staff, preventing possible crimes, planning for providing the initial actions in order to prevent sudden events such ac fire, rubbery and following up other issues. The main responsibilities of the statistics directory are: receiving policies, purposes and trend from the supervisor and harmonizing the office’s programs using software and hardware systems and setting up a proper system for exchanging information, making relations with informational databases for easing the receiving the information considering the investment and economical principles. Income and customer services directory: its main activities are: Examination of the requests of the customers for water branch, determination of the users, bimonthly tax billing, identification of the defects and making attempts in order to decrease the price of water and the optimum usage management. In addition, according to the fact that the Sewage Department of Khorasan Razavi knows continuous improvement and customer’s satisfaction as its main goal, it has selected the ISO 9001:2000 as its quality control system.

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